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Contact and committees

Scientific Committee for Evolang 10

This committee overviews sending out of submissions to reviewers, marshalling the reviewers' reports, and informing submitters of the outcome.

  • Erica Cartmill (University of Chicago) [Chair]
  • Heidi Lyn (Agnes Scott University, Atlanta)
  • Sean Roberts (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen)
  • Monica Tamariz (University of Edinburgh)
  • Hannah Cornish (University of Edinburgh)
  • James R Hurford (University of Edinburgh)

Evolang Permanent Organizing Committee

  • Rudolf Botha (Stellenbosch University)
  • Erica Cartmill (University of Chicago)
  • Jean-Louis Dessalles (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, Paris)
  • Ramon Ferrer i Cancho (Polytechnic University of Barcelona)
  • Tecumseh Fitch (University of Vienna)
  • James R Hurford (University of Edinburgh) [First contact]
  • Chris Knight (University of East London)
  • Heidi Lyn (Agnes Scott University, Atlanta)
  • Luke McCrohon (University of Tokyo)
  • Kazuo Okanoya (University of Tokyo)
  • Nikolaus Ritt (University of Vienna)
  • Kenny Smith (University of Edinburgh) [Treasurer]
  • Maggie Tallerman (Newcastle University, UK)

Local organizing committee

Department of English
Universität Wien
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