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10th birthday of Evolang

organized by The Evolutionary Linguistics Association (ELA)


To celebrate the 10th birthday of Evolang, the Evolutionary Linguistics Association (ELA) is organising a SMASHING BIRTHDAY PARTY which will be held on Tuesday evening April 15 at Replugged. Doors open at 8:30 pm. There is free entry (with your badge) and a free drink for all Evolang participants. 

At 9:00 pm, a program of LIVE MUSIC starts. A band with iterated learners from Edinburgh called  ACACIA EMERGENCY will bring songs about members of the language evolution community. This is followed by a TALKING HEADS cover band from Brussels with a surprising lead singer. This band celebrates the Talking Heads Experiment which was the first large-scale experiment in synthetic language evolution carried out 15 years ago. 

At intermission ELA is going to give their "Life Time Achievement Award" to two distinguished language evolution scientists. Past recipients of the award were Bernd Heine and Bill Croft. 

The party ends at 11.00 pm

Don't miss this exciting event! 


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